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All About The Souplantation Senior Discount

As you know I am a big fan of Souplantation healthy eating restaurants. They are a restaurant chain in America that offers self-service buffets to its customers. It was first established in the late 70s with its headquarters at San Diego. In 1995, the company was public only to be made private and owned by Garden Fresh Restaurant Corporation in 1994. The company also runs restaurants called known as Sweet Tomatoes by people outside California. The restaurants serve a variety of products including salads, lemonades, soups, muffins, pasta, fruits and vegetables among many other buffet delicacies.

Senior Discount at Souplantation Restaurants

The Souplantation Senior Discount

The restaurants are famous for their Souplantation coupons and huge discounts that they offer to their customers. Customers get to enjoy delicious and healthy meals at discounted prices. There is a variety of packages available to suit the varied needs of the customers. There are for example packages for couples, children and family members. This only gets better since they have started offering discounts for the elderly people to enjoy delicious meals at the restaurants. The Souplantation senior discount is for those that have attained the age of 60 years and more.

The discount offer runs from Mondays to Thursdays in the evenings at around 2pm to 5pm. The senior customers get to eat all they can which also includes beverages like coffee during the specified periods of time for only $7.99. This does not however restrict the senior customers from visiting the restaurants at other times besides the specified dates and time. The senior customers can get discounts of up to 10% on all the other times they visit the restaurants.

How to Get Your Senior Discounts

Getting the discounts is quite easy. First, you have to log in to their website and prove that you have attained the required age of 60 years and above. You can provide your email address, your identification details or your social security number for verification. Once you have been cleared, you are eligible for the Souplantation senior discounts. The Souplantation senior discount details can be sent to your email address to enable you get the best discounts available.

Souplantation Logos

Most Popular Items On The Souplantation Menu

Souplantation Menu

Souplantation Healthy Eating Restaurant and Menu

Souplantation is one of the most famous restaurants in the United States. They are famous for their all-you-can-eat buffets that are available daily to the customers. The first ever Souplantation restaurant was opened in the year 1978 in the city if San Diego in the state of California. This is where the Souplantation headquarters are located. Initially it was incorporated as the Garden Fresh Corp. the company was not privatized until the year 2004. In all of the towns outside of Southern California where the restaurant has opened branches it is known as Sweet Tomatoes.

The Souplantation Menu

There are several delicacies that are easily available to the customers of this chain if restaurants. It has several types of foods as well as salads that are tailored towards meeting the demand of each and every customer that walks in through the doors of the restaurant. The following are some of the most famous items that are found in the Souplantation menu:

Healthy Salads

Salads have become the healthy option for several people who are looking to watch their weight or cut down on carbs. Salads are meals that are usually comprised of pieces of foods and most of these salads contain plenty of healthy vegetables. At Souplantation our salads are state of the art delicacies that incorporate both cold, room temperature and warm vegetables to give the customers a palatable meal. Salads are ready-to-eat meals that are ideal for every person. Among the salads that are served in the Souplantation menu, the Tuna Tarragon is especially popular. For those who are not apprised to gluten, the Joan’s Broccoli Madness is a favorite. It has bacon as well as cashews.


In general, soups are meals served in a liquid. They are foods that incorporate several ingredients depending on the demand of the consumer as the customer knows best. There are several exquisite soups that we serve on our menu. Among the popular soups is the Big Chunk Chicken Noodle soup. It is served on a daily basis and is the favorite of several customers. The Depp Kettle House Chili soup is also common. It has gluten and thus is not friendly to those allergic to this meal. For the vegetarians there is the option of the creamy cauliflower and cheese soup as well as the Tuscan crumbles.

Pasta and Potatoes

Pastas are a meal beloved by all. This Sicilian delicacy is enjoyed in several ways in the Souplantation restaurants. The most common way is the classic Mac and Cheese type of pasta. There are other ways that pasta is enjoyed in the restaurant including with baked potatoes or with sweet potatoes.

Bakery Meals

The bakery at Souplantation is known to have excellent items that serve as proper accompaniments to meals. The Cheesy Garlic Focaccia is baked product that is served on a daily basis. The restaurant also has brownie bites that are mouthwatering according to the patrons. They also bake blueberry muffins as well as gingerbread that is completely gluten free.


There are several other items that are found in the menu of the Souplantation. The desert menu is full of wonderful options such as the vanilla soft serve or the chocolate soft serve. The items on the Souplantation make the restaurant a place worth paying a visit.

How To Choose Medical Insurance?

Every one of us falls sick at some point of time. This is why you must choose the medical insurance policy which is comprehensive for the whole family. Since no one likes to pay more for the insurance than what is needed, you must follow certain tips to finding the best insurance.

Compare the cost and the services

You must not rush and buy any of the insurance plans and check with the insurance providers. Get in touch with the policy providers and compare policy prices and the services you are getting. Try to analyze the cost against the services you are getting. If you are healthy today that does not mean things will remain the same. Your age will be the determining factor when it comes to the policies available for you. Locate an insurance provider who offers policies for people of your area. Use the power of internet to compare the options and the prices.

What kind of coverage you are getting?

The cost of medication is the major cost which needs to be met by the policy. Check out the policy minutely to find out the kind of coverage you are getting. Not every policy will include the prescription cost. If you need some specific medication in the forthcoming months, you must look for the plan which helps in offsetting the cost.

The freedom to put in the name of your doctor

When you sign up with an insurer, you will be required to enter the name of your doctor. This facility must be offered to you since it is much cheaper than using the services of an unknown health clinic.

Judge the value of the policy

Before you plan to buy the plan, you must try and judge the value of the insurance policy and the reputation of the policy provider. If you find that there are positive information about the policy provider, you can go for him. It is important to make an informed decision since that can bring about huge savings.

Ask your policy provider if the terms and conditions of the policy will change or not. Even if the deal is good, there is no guarantee that it will be good after 12 months time also.